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Add parameters to the .lua skills scripts

Posted by Shanahan on 19 January 2021 - 14:47

Here is two great examples, how buffs must looks like

-- SkillID: 16, Soul Barrier - (Dark Wizard, Soul Master, Grand Master)
function WizardMagicDefense(Index, TargetIndex, Dexterity, Energy)

You can choose TargetIndex, to make buffs for other classes weaker or stronger


-- SkillID: 26, Heal - (Fairy Elf, Muse Elf, High Elf)
function ElfHeal(Class, Index, TargetIndex, Energy)

And in some situations, where you can choose for every class. 


So my suggestion is to add parameters Class, Index, TargetIndex to next skills:


-- SkillID: 48, Swell Life

function KnightSkillAddLife(Vitality, Energy, PartyBonus)


-- SkillID: 64, Increase Critical Damage

function DarkLordCriticalDamage(Command, Energy)


-- SkillID: 217, Damage Reflection

function SummonerDamageReflect(Energy)


-- SkillID: 267, Increase Health
function FighterIncLifeCalcEffect(Energy)


-- SkillID: 273, Obsidian - (Grow Lancer, Mirage Lancer)
function GrowLancerObsidian(Strength, Dexterity, Energy)

-- SkillID: 287, Haste
function RuneWizardHasteCalc(Energy)


 And for the same skills in 3rd masterskill tree

-- SkillID: 356, Swell Life Strengthener - (Blade Master)

function KnightSkillAddLife_Level1(Vitality, Energy, PartyBonus)


-- SkillID: 360, Swell Life Proficiency - (Blade Master)
function KnightSkillAddLife_Level2(Vitality, Energy, PartyBonus)


-- SkillID: 363, Swell Life Mastery - (Blade Master)
function KnightSkillAddLife_Level3(Vitality, Energy, PartyBonus)




-- SkillID: 511, Critical DMG Increase PowUp - (Lord Emperor)
function DarkLordCriticalDamage_Level1(Command, Energy)


-- SkillID: 515, Critical DMG Increase PowUp (2) - (Lord Emperor)
function DarkLordCriticalDamage_Level2(Command, Energy)


-- SkillID: 517, Critical DMG Increase PowUp (3) - (Lord Emperor)
function DarkLordCriticalDamage_Level3(Command, Energy)


-- SkillID: 522, Critical Damage Increase Master - (Lord Emperor)
function DarkLordCriticalDamage_Level4(Command, Energy)



-- SkillID: 573, Stamina Increase Strengthener - (Fist Master)

function FighterIncLifeCalcEffect_Level1(Energy)



-- SkillID: 693, Obsidian PowUp - (Mirage Lancer)
function GrowLancerObsidian_Level1(Strength, Dexterity, Energy)


-- SkillID: 769, Haste Mastery - (Grand Rune Master)

function RuneWizardHasteCalc_Level2(Energy)




changed status to: Dev

changed status to: Completed
changed available-in version to: x16

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