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Dark Jewels Suggestion

Posted by Maiev on 27 July 2019 - 1:48

Dark Jewels are great idea and users like them, unfortunatelly some jewels lack customization and current state creates imbalance in-game and therefore we are unable to use them (at least in low rate servers), specially the 3 jewels below, I would like to provide some suggestions:


  • Jewel of Excess: Make it only be applied to common excellent items only (not BA or higher items) to change current options or increase it if excellent option count is less than configured In JewelManager (not transform normal into excellent). 
  • Jewel of Socket: Limite Socket Add to Max Socket Limit. If you have server config of 3 sockets slots max. This jewel can go beyond and make any item 5 slots (if have enough jewels). Create a Limit for this jewel similar to Jewel of Excess.
  • Jewel of Kundun: Allow us to configure MAX level (making an item from +0 to +11 or +13 ONLY instead to +15), and ONLY apply this to normal items but not to excellents, wings, sockets or pentagrams. Those items have lower success rate in chaos machine for a reason.




I Agree Jewel of Excess should have a "max", otherwise any item can become F.O.

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