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New Boards and Improvements at IGCN

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Offline   IGC News

Posted 18 March 2014 - 23:10

IGC News

    Stay Tuned!

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We are pleased to present a new Baby of IGCN Group.

The long time awaited improvements have been finally introduced. We have a deep hope you will find it appreciated and useful as a part of Service Quality.

The changes will continue for next few weeks due to large amount of tasks we develop to the production environment and which will be also introduced shortly.

Why the changes?

Trough many years of our development we have learned much and realized what is the best way finish with best Service and Product quality.

All the new font as the back-ends features will make our way to developing things faster and better. It will also make a nicer feeling to the end-user who will be visiting or experiencing our boards and make resources served more friendly way with easy search feature trough entire systems.

However, the best way to taste it is to try it, so do not hesitate and go ahead!

If you want to be notified on new entries on this blog simply subscribe to using follow button.

Current Customer?

Many of current Customers could have get used to our current systems. Nothing last forever, it is a time to meet with something new!

Purchases can be managed trough the Purchase section of the Customer Area. You can find there now all of your purchase (ToolKit Licenses are not yet migrated - will be soon).

Prices stay exactly same as for now with the difference that all renewals are grouped automatically. Additionally, make sure to fill out Billing Details before proceeding any payment, they must be real, otherwise will not pass Anti-Fraud system.

How the purchases are working now?

We recognize three types of licenses, which are IGC.Premium (S6E3), IGC.Premium Plus (Ex702 and later), IGC.Double - secondary license, IGC.Triple - third license

The IGC.Double and IGC.Triple are licensed linked to the to the main license and grouped renewal terms with it.

All licenses of current Customers have been migrated to the new system with a stage they presented in our system. If you see any mistake in there do not hesitate to contact ask first by submitting ticket to our general support department

What if I do not want to continue paying sub licenses monthly fee?

Nothing easier than going your Purchases section in Customer area and entering the IGC.Double or IGC.Triple purchase and cancelling it.

They will get excluded from the grouped renewal terms and you will continue paying the active purchases only.

How I can reactivate my cancelled sub licenses?

Procedure is exactly the same as cancelling them, with the difference we click now reactivate button. The only new thing here is reactivation fee which is equal to one monthly fee of sub license.

It is mandatory to have a main license active to have active sub licenses. All licenses may only operate on same expiry dates. If you have extended main license subscription in advance e.g. by 5 months

having sub licenses cancelled meanwhile then for reactivation of sub licenses the system will charge reactivation fee and the period from now - up to expiry date of main license making sub licenses expiry date equal to expiry date on main license.

This procedure applies every time the sub licenses will be cancelled. If you are not sure of how to proceed properly on the operation you want to perform on licenses management do not hesitate to contact us first.

I want to UPGRADE my S6E3 license to Ex702 or Extend Count of Launcher (Premium) licenses

Upgrading purchases is not very easy. Go to purchases section of Customer Area, enter purchase you want to upgrade and proceed by clicking UPGRADE button and follow on-screen instructions.

System will charge difference between price of current and purchase we upgrade to.

I want to downgrade my license

In this aspect nothing changed, downgrades are still not allowed.

What happens when my license expires?


A change has been introduced here too. Now when subscription expires all the benefits given by it are being taken off automatically and revert back upon renewal.


In case subscription expired the Servers itself will be supported for next 7 days after expiration date so do not fall in panic in case you forgot to make a payment in time.

A range of warnings and notification is being sent to the registered email address so please make sure to have it up-to-date.


What else is new?

Basically we changed 95% of our systems, including Downloads manager, Bug Tracker. New things are also Raffles system, Gallery, Blogs and dedicated tutorials system.

You will be notified within next days with blogs entries explaining you more about our new features and of a way of using them. Take your time and get familiar with the new boards.

If you have found any issue with the boards please let us know immediately by submitting support ticket or posting a bug IGC Website section of Issues Tracker.

We really request you to post carefully in the sections relevant to content you post. Let's make it easier for everybody to use it  :)



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Offline   Wizzy

Posted 04 June 2014 - 19:38



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