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Understanding New Purchase Management and Payment Systems

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Posted 25 March 2014 - 6:00

IGC News

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Another new thing you could notice is the payment system and a way of managing your purchases.

All of them can be checked in your Purchases panel located in Customer Area.

What type of packages we recognize?

Main Licenses

  • IGC.Premium - IGC Premium group
  • IGC.Premium Plus - IGC Premium Plus group



  • IGC.Double (Secondary license) - available from store after purchasing main license
  • IGC.Triple (Third license) - available in store after making a purchase of IGC.Double


Premium Tools

  • IGC.Launcher (Premium)
  • IGC.Launcher (Premium) - Two Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.Launcher (Premium) - Three Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium)
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium) - Two Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium) - Three Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option


Main licenses have two type of renewals available



  • Premium
    • 30 days - 25 US$
    • 360 days - 200 US$
  • Premium Plus
    • 30 days - 50 US$
    • 180 days - 252 US$
    • 360 days - 400 US$


The renewal period can be selected upon Upgrading Package or after cancelling it.

How does it work?

In our example we will have Main license (IGC.Premium / IGC.Premium Plus) and two sub-licenses: IGC.Double and IGC.Triple.

Sub-licenses are assigned (grouped) with Main License. This means we mostly operate from our Main license level.

NOTE: It is important to fill out the billing details properly with valid details, otherwise our anti-fraud system may refuse your payment


Renewing Purchase

Renewing your purchase could not be easier. Go to Customer Area -> Purchases and locate purchase you want to renew, usually main license (IGC.Premium or IGC.Premium Plus)

Within all the movies we operate with Account Credits, however normally you should select one of available payment options.

Cancelling and reactivating sub-licenses

Now you have a control of which licenses you want to keep subscribing to. If you no longer wish to subscribe to any of your sub-license simply cancel it - price of renewal terms will be adjusted by the renewal price of cancelled license.

Anytime later you decide to start using it again there is nothing easier than reactivating it. Be aware, that the reactivation will charge the price from moment of reactivating to the date of main license expiry.

This means that if you have your main license renewed in advance until, e.g. 01-07-2014 and you reactivate your sub license on 25-03-2014 the system will charge you for the period of difference between these two days and will reactivate the sub-license to the date of main license.

Every time you cancel sub-license and will want to reactivate it the system will charge a reactivation fee in a price of single renewal term of the sub-license - 25$ and if main license expiry date is later than current will add renewal adjustment as described above. System does not remember previous date the sub-license was paid for so please be careful while cancelling the sub-licenses.

Upgrading your IGC.Premium to IGC.Premium Plus package

Wish to upgrade from Premium to Premium Plus? This also can be now managed from your Purchase Management area. It is possible to UPGRADE while having active package. Go to the purchases and select main license, locate Change package on the right side and hit it.

Renewal terms will be presented to you for selection. Get desired one and continue. System will automatically charge upgrade price what is a difference between IGC.Premium and IGC.Premium Plus cost, will update renewal terms too.

Be aware that downgrades are not possible once upgraded.

If you select 360 days renewal term then renewal terms of sub-licenses (if any) will be calculated automatically on that basis too. This means if we selected 360 days term for main license and sub-license 30 days renewal term is 25$ then system will calculate it automatically as follows: (360 / 30) * 25 = sub-license 360 days renewal (per sub-license)

It is also worth to mention that cancelling parent package will cancel all assigned and active sub-licenses. Reactivating main-license while it is still active is free of any charge.

IMPORTANT: All payments are put on hold in moment of processing for manual approval. We temporary moderate this system so please accept up to 24 hours for payment approval (usually few minutes to few hours).

The system does not have its reflection on files licenses itself. So if you wish to update your license details simply submit a ticket to valid department or if have any other inquiry regarding your licenses simply pass a ticket to general support department.

Need more Launcher (Premium) Licenses?

Once have processed or owning single Launcher license go to Customer Area -> Purchases and locate your Launcher purchase and enter it. Same as for upgrading files license a Change Package button will appear.

Once selected you can select of of two available extension packages - for Two and Three licenses. System will automatically charge difference in prices. Additional IGC.Launcher (Premium) license is 75$.

Hope that makes things clear for you  :)



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