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(Service) ToolKit Premium - License Data Change

Price: €16.00  
The "Transaction Fee" is a subject to be covered by Buyer

ToolKit (Premium) - License Data Change Service

This service benefits with extra change (outside free allowance scope) of license data for ToolKit Premium tool.

Service Content

  • One time change of ToolKit Premium License Data (outside free allowance scope of data change coming with ToolKit Premium tool)
After Purchase Notes (Requesting License Data Change)

To proceed with the data change of your existing license please follow below steps
  • Run ToolKit Premium HardwareID Generator (available from ToolKit download page) on selected machine (any) and copy generated code.
  • Submit a ticket to Premium Tools (License Request) department along with requested details:
  • Hardware ID (Generated in point 2)
  • Company or Server Name (of own choice)
(1) - ToolKit (Premium) license may be changes for free once every 4 months
(2) - Customer is obligated to provide valid details for purpose of completion the License Data Change Service
(3) - Providing invalid data (by Customer) for purpose of the License Data Change Service does not entitle free of charge correction - required corrections which are result of Customer fault are subject to a need of re-purchase the service.
(4) - Service price is one time payment and entitles to one (1) change of ToolKit (Premium) license data.
(5) - Service is being performed by our Supporter in shortest timing manner possible after receiving complete details necessary to perform it, in certain cases installation may take up to 48 hours
(8) - Price of the Service is subject to change at any time without further notification