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MU.ToolKit (Premium)

* * * * * (1 customer reviews)

Price: €84.00  
The "Transaction Fee" is a subject to be covered by Buyer

MU.ToolKit (Premium) is advanced tool of wide range of powerful possibilities to maintain the server in all the meaning of the word.

This is public version of the tool excluding tools dedicated for purpose of IGC Server Suite. Once becoming subscriber (Customer) of Server Plan of IGC-Network it is possible to switch to ToolKit version supporting IGC Features.

Video Overview

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ToolKit (Premium)   Avatar
Album: ToolKit (Premium)
71 images


Compatibility (In most BMD files)
  • Season 6 Episode 3
  • Ex700
  • Ex701
  • Ex700(Plus)
  • Ex702
  • Season 8 Episode 1
  • Season 8 Episode 2
  • Season 8 Episode 3
  • Season 9 Episode 1
  • Season 9 Episode 2
  • Season 10 Episode 3
  • Season 11 Episode 2
Server Side & Editors
  • Monster & MonsterSetBase: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
  • Cash Shops: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
  • EventBags: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
  • Shops: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
  • ChaosCards: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
Client Side
  • Ability to (Mass) Copy & Paste into BMD files
  • Compare and Fast Transfer BMD Files
  • Ability to search values in the BMD files
  • MU Image Manager for converting and editing OZJ, OZT, OZB, OZP, ATT( Client 64k/128k <-> Server )
  • Custom Encoding for BMD Files
  • Edit message.***
  • Decode MuError.log
  • Item.bmd (Server and Client) Stats Calculator
Edit 53 BMD Files
  • ItemToolTip.bmd
  • ItemToolTipText.bmd
  • Item.bmd
    • Export to server "ItemListSettings.ini"
  • MoveReq.bmd
    • Export to server "MoveReq.dat"
  • ServerList.bmd
  • NPCName.bmd
  • Filter.bmd
  • FilterName.bmd
  • Slide.bmd
  • Text.bmd
  • Gate.bmd
    • Export to server "GateSettings.dat"
  • Minimap_WorldX.bmd
  • ItemSetType.bmd
  • ItemAddOption.bmd
  • JewelOfHarmonySmelt.bmd
  • ItemSetOption.bmd
  • Skill.bmd
  • Mix.bmd
  • QuestProgress.bmd
  • PetData.bmd
  • PentagramMixNeedSource.bmd
  • NPCDialogue.bmd
  • MonsterSkill.bmd
  • MasterSkillTreeData.bmd
    • Export to server "MasterSkillTreeData.txt"
  • ItemTRSData.bmd
  • InfoTooltip.bmd
  • Credit.bmd
  • AttributeVariation.bmd
  • ArcaBattleBootyMix.bmd
  • InfoTooltipText.bmd
  • ArcaBattleScript.bmd
  • SocketItem.bmd
  • ItemLevelTooltip.bmd
  • BuffEffect.bmd
  • HelpData.bmd
  • QuestWords.bmd
  • Quest.bmd
  • Dialog.bmd
  • MasterSkillTooltip.bmd
  • PentagramOption.bmd
  • ExcellentWingOption.bmd
  • ExcellentCommonOption.bmd
  • ItemSetOptionText.bmd
  • PentagramJewelOptionValue.bmd
  • JewelOfHarmonyOption.bmd
  • MacroConfig.bmd
  • MuunInfo.bmd
  • MuunTooltipInfo.bmd
  • EvolutionMonsterBox.bmd
  • MapCharacters.bmd
  • MasterSkillTree.bmd
  • Pet.bmd
  • StatOption.bmd
Pricing & Completing Purchase

Paying with Western Union:
  • Any additional charges including transfer fee is a subject to be covered by Buyer
  • Western Union Payment details are provided in final checkout stage or can be obtained by contacting our Sales department - in 'Inquiring about' select Premium Tools
  • To complete Western Union purchase contact our Premium Tools (Processed Purchase Completion) department and fill out fields with appropriate details
Paying with PayPal: (VisaCard / MasterCard / AmexCard / Discover Card / PayPal Account)
  • A fee of 5.5% applies to each transition made trough PayPal (regulated PayPal commission)
  • To complete purchase contact our Premium Tools (Processed Purchase Completion) department and fill out fields with appropriate details
Terms & Conditions
  • MU.ToolKit (Premium) license is locked to single (1) PC. The PC can be personal computer or any other PC. (The PC where HardwareID Generator should be used on)
  • MU.ToolKit (Premium) license will be created up to two (2) days from received payment date
  • Lifetime license without a need of further fees or charges, includes free updates and bug fixes
  • Every Customer is entitled for free of charge MU.ToolKit (Premium) license transfer to other PC once each six (4) months
  • The free license changes cannot accumulated and summed
  • MU.ToolKit (Premium) license transfer to other PC cost in case of lack of free change allowance is €15 per change
  • It is not allowed to re-sell MU.ToolKit (Premium) license
  • Additional MU.ToolKit (Premium) license (for another PC) costs is the same as first license price €70
  • Switch to IGC.ToolKit (Premium) supporting IGC Features is free for every Customer of MU.ToolKit (Premium) becoming an IGC.Customer
  • No refunds are honored no matter of a basis
  • Processing a Charge Back will result it immediate cancellation and ban from any existing and further IGCN Services
  • This product is not ready to use directly after purchase and requires license registration, simple 4 steps are described on after purchase product page.
PC Requirements
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 - x64 OS
  • Internet Connection always online as long as MU.ToolKit (Premium) application is running (no Offline mode)
  • .NET Framework 4.5 installed

Customer Reviews

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* * * * * by KarLi Jun 06 2016 23:47

One of the best Tools for MuOnline administrators with great features and super easy to use!

Will definetly recommend to anyone.

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.