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IGC.Premium Plus

* * * * - (5 customer reviews)

First Month: €530.00
+ Renewal:
The "Transaction Fee" is a subject to be covered by Buyer

IGC.Premium Plus is subscription granting with access to fully featured Server emulator shipped along with dedicated and featured Game Client.

Service Content:

  • Version: Season 16 Episode Part 2-2
  • Free selection of Tools
    • Essential Tools
    • ToolKit (Lite)
    • Inspector
    • Runner
  • Free Installation (upon request up to 30 days from purchase)
  • Periodic Updates
  • Free Upgrades to new Seasons
  • Forum & Ticket Support
  • Access to Premium Areas
  • Applied subscription period after purchase
    • PayPal payment - 30 days
    • Western Union / Money Gram payment - 60 days
  • Server Configuration Overview: DOWNLOAD

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For Hardware and Software requirements refer to FAQ

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Customer Reviews

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* * * * * by alex26 Jul 11 2016 12:26

I'm with IGCN since from 2011.
What can i say about those 5 years?
IGC Server Files today and 5 years ago cannot be compared.
Of course in 2011-2013 there was a lot of issues (bugs).
However server files was pretty good for me.
Now if someone will ask my opinion about "IGC of today"
I definetly will say : It's perfect. There is a lot of configs
to make your server unique ,even if 90% projects on the market is
"Made by IGCN". Files are really stable for now,and Support is on high level.
IGCN Server Files with awesome editors created by Bigman will make your server really bugless
and successful,and setting it up will be much easier and faster. Of course you need some experience
to make an Good Project. You can find some offers where users sell own IGCN Licenses but it's not
because server files is bad,this happen because of lack of experience or free time. If you knew english
at base level,if you have at least 1-2 years of experience and a good team, IGCN Server Files - need to
be purchased definetly. However there is no alternative with same quality and Support. If you want create
own server you are in the right place. I wish you Good Luck and successful project ;) -Proud to be with IGCN.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

* * * * * by davidesp Sep 06 2014 11:53

While the program everything is serious but beware good to take someone who treats us well because English Spanish hardly do that if we understand the serious attention that excellent after all very well recommended

* * * * * by ergunaksoy Aug 30 2014 14:33

It is like a charm! As a IGCNetwork customer, I would like to say Wizzy that I am very happy to have his server files. The server files are near to bugless. Their support is as fast as an Audi R8 :) So, if I need to select again my ServerFiles provider, I would select again IGC Network.
Just imagine a community, which is very helpful, fast, strong, brilliant, that is my choice, that is IGC Network.

* * * * * by napam Aug 29 2014 22:53


Im using IGCN files about 2 years (12 September will be 2 years since i buy this files).

When im start using IGCN files, it has only s6e3 at the moment, IGCN at this moment have some bugs, on the s6e3, but it was fixed very fast, and i remember the moment, when all is fixed in about 1-2 weeks, and he moved to ex702, it was amazing very HOT for me as server owner. When i start the additional server on ex702 it has some crashes/bugs/glitches, day by day i found bugs, but every week or two i receive an updates, where IGCN Team is fixing a lot of bugs, maybe 90% of all reported, it was very glad to see!!! And what i see now?

- Stable ex702 files, with easy configurations (I think schoolboy can easy configure it and run).
- Regular updates every ~two weeks with very big changes/updates bug fixes.
- Good support (10/10), no one have this support in my memory!!!!
- Good server managament software (IGC.EssentialTools)
- Good Extras, for good prices (IGCN Launcher, Toolkit).

i can say big Thanks IGCN team, for your work! And 5 star feedback.

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

* * * * - by Cora Aug 29 2014 12:47

Really the server is very good for me the support is very good but you need to improve some things :)

Better anticheat :) (I will send a pack of hacks for block)

More updates, the last update was like 1 month ago (not count about beta), after all really you bring a nice support and service (Y) just need improve a little things, oh i forgot the :

New features on client :) (Y) like season 6 and ex700 :)

That's all.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.