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File Information

  • Submitted: Nov 12 2012 16:11
  • Last Updated: Mar 31 2021 9:19
  • File Size: 6.94MB
  • Views: 8601
  • Downloads: 1,102
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Previous Versions

  • 29 Mar 2021 Download IGC.Inspector
  • 17 Mar 2021 Download IGC.Inspector
  • 10 Mar 2021 Download IGC.Inspector

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tools inspector restarter


IGC.Inspector is fully featured tool that will always keep the server up and running thank to its simplicity is reliability.
General functionality of the tool is ability to automatic run or restart server components if they are not in running state as also if they crashed. The Game Servers, Data Server, Connect Server as the other applications may operate safety now.
Overview (please note that presented crashes have been forced for purpose of the movie)



  • Works in background
  • Possible to restart only if crashed
  • Detects "Not Responding" apps and re-starts them
  • Every closed app is detected right after was closed, and re-opens again
  • E-mail notifications on App close/not responding/CPU overload/memory overload
  • Start Applications as Hidden
  • Fully protected passwords (unique key for every machine)
  • Automatic restart application by hour interval
  • Weekly Scheduled restart application
NOTE: Can only be opened on IGC.Registered Machine. Application is part of Service that comes with one of available subscriptions of premium access.


Cannot run the application? Application Crash? Make sure you have .NET 4.6.2 installed:

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • [v2.0.3.5]
  • -> [FIX] issue with restore/hide .NET applications
  • ---
  • [v2.0.3.4]
  • -> [FIX] attempt to fix "auto update helper" resources error
  • ---
  • [v2.0.3.3]
  • -> [MOD] all Windows of process will be hidden/shown, not only MainWindow (resolve issue with restoing already hidden process by Inspector was killed/crashed abnormally)
  • ---
  • [v2.0.3.2]
  • -> [MOD] minor performace/monitoring improvements
  • -> [ADD] option to specify custom title in tray icon (see configs page)
  • ---
  • [v2.0.3.1]
  • -> [MOD] Updated to work with authorization system change introduced on 07.01.2020 (versions,,
  • -> [FIX] possible crashes in different scenarios
  • -> [MOD] improved start speed in case of monitored application already running
  • --
  • [v2.0.3.0]
  • -> [NEW] option to specify weekly scheduled restart per app


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Apr 10 2014 18:24

well, it's a nice tool!

but in my case... that have 2 servers on same machine it wont works... hehe

i start the connectserver, start the dataserver, and after GS, Arka, CS, GSVIP

so, dont have more slots to put gs, ok... i open other IGC Inspector, add dataserver, GS, GSCS, GSVIP, but when open GS.. dont open ^^ just open if rename the GS to for example, GameServer_N2.exe , but if i rename, users cant login right? hehe


so, it's my case, maybe one day it's support GS with same name and dataserver with same name... or can add more GS slots,and more dataserver slots...

Apr 10 2014 18:28

ahh, see the video, on this new version can add more GS.. now, just need to put more 1 Dataserver hehe :D

In nearest future IGC.Inspector will be extended with possibility to add unlimited amount of entries to monitor.

Please use comments system for feedback only. Any feature requests should be posted in appropriate forums.

nice tools more power to  IGCN TEAM

Nice tool.. But need more slots bro

you can run multiple instances of IGC.Inspector (just make sure every EXE added to inspector have different name)

How to store all apps when they were hide by the inspector. It's annoying that you can't store back the gameservers.

How to store all apps when they were hide by the inspector. It's annoying that you can't store back the gameservers.

since, when you will close inspector the normal way (not by task manager or crash) it will restore all hidden apps


if inspector closed abnormally, you will have to use 3rd party tools like ProcMon

Mar 18 2021 10:04

Good Job, Mr Bigman cute

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