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1. My Game Server or other application freezing, how to proceed?

Most common source (99%) of such type of issues is related to configuration mistake, e.g. dividing by 0, missing end tag at the end of file or section, missing quota " or any other improper setup.

All of IGC Server Suite applications are designed to create dump file (*.dmp) in case of application crash what allows easy investigation of issue source. However, the dump is created only after application really crashed and closed abnormally.
If application froze - what means window is still appearing in front of the desktop but not responding - there is a need to generate the dump file.
To do this (without closing frozen application) go to Task Manager -> Processes tab. Locate process of application to generate dump from (usually same as file name) and right click on it then select Create Dump File.

The file will be created and saving location displayed. Compress it using ZIP, WinRAR or 7z and post along with report in our Bug Tracker. That will allow us to look into specified case deeper.