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New anti-hacking politic and improvements

Posted by Wizzy , 09 August 2017 · 10,808 views

New anti-hacking politic and improvements



The worst nightmare (after angry wife) for every MuOnline Game Server are people who want to gain profit by using hacking software. As so far most of the hacks were expensive and available for very limited group of people, but we observe that the "hacks" market started to fill up with numerous of cheap tools allowing to break selected areas of game play and achieve profits from it. That is definitely a thing we do not want, not even mentioning about server administrators.


Seeing the problem IGC-Network decided to fight against it and focus on solution that will allow any of current and future Customer to stop using third-party anti-hack which in most cases highly increase cost of managing the server, are simply very expensive and not really reliable - client side solutions can be still bypassed, even if the software is signed digitally.



Current Progress


We have introduced a new anti-speed hack system for our Season 12 servers. The system is currently in BETA, however it does not require much more work to be perfect. After all the same system will be ported to other Season offered by us.


The innovation of the system is that it is fully based on server, not aggressive and log-less. It will simply prevent unwanted damage occurring to the target monster or players if an anomaly will be detected. There is no technical way to bypass this sort of system. We truly believe it will make all past and future speed hacks useless.



What are current problems with the system?


So far all potential problems are only theory, we did not detect any issues, no problems were reported either. However, we believe that some more skills may require slight corrections in the future. The potential issue that may appear won't affect game-play at all and is easy fixable. Issues with the system should be reported here.



Speed hacks are not the only problem, what about the other?


Being short, we permanently blocked following hacking methods: GodMode, Teleport, AutoKill and few more. Why we speak about methods not specified hacks? Because most of other hacks of different name use same method, therefore blocking the method kills all hacks of the type.



Calmness is the way to success


Seeing players using simple macros in the game? Simply ignore it. This type of software cannot be called a hack if is based on recording of key stroke combination and executing them. In real this type of players won't spent much time on your server and won't cause any sort of harm or loss to you.



Next step?


We will continue to improve our security and will dedicate much more attention to it. However, the next step is your move (Customers only) to report us working hacking method, along with reproduction steps and hacking software, so we can understand the problem and block it in our servers.


Assuming, it is time to save and give up on third-party anti-cheats which became useless if their main role is reduced to prevent key-stoke macros :)

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it's Very Good news ! Good job IGCN ! Best Team !

Great! Keep going!

Good News,Good Job

Good News,Good Job

Glad to hear this news i'll waiting for this

Part of this is already implemented in latest version of S12

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verv good

Aug 15 2017 18:39

I'm trying to test the cheat that works for years. But it's still working or what I have to do.





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It has no right to work. You do not test properly. The way to cheat you present will increase animation speed but damage will not be processed with speed up. Please read with understanding how the anti-cheat works. It is not aggressive, it will not DC, it will not block the way to cheat, it will not allow to process damage more fast than it is allowed for actual speed of character. You can attack very fast due to animation speed increase but damage will continue to appear only with speed it is allowed.

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Aug 15 2017 21:10

This cheat works in motion, not in attack. And most users use to get to events quickly. Here is a video

Read above article again and try to understand what I mentioned we blocked. I clearly say about speed hacks, you cannot proceed attack more quickly than it is allowed - as this was key problem. Quick motion is not big deal at the moment as does not cause huge impact to the game-play and possibly will be blocked in future once we determine best way of doing it.

You should not claim something is not working if we did not listed it as blocked.

I don't want to open a topic just because of this.It might be 80% my misunderstanding.

The GS is showing me this:


I know that the Worm is the monster but i don't really get the distance part.

Is he trying to use some program to increase the range of his spell?

Or is it a false alarm?

Thank you!

Topic is better place to discuss such things than comments to specified article, open topic and show there wider log, with no hidden data

How about Season6 !?

If you could read the article carefully I mentioned it is BETA, once we will have all hacks sorted we will port it to lower Seasons as well. We won't be developing solution on two different projects independently. 

the main problem is on the client side, certain programs that are impossible to block it as auto combo skill, auto potions, etc ..., it would be good to incorporate some kind of protection on the client side, since without that we will have to continue using anti hacks from other developers

Any client side protection = will be bypassed quickly, therefore it is pointless effort

the main problem is on the client side, certain programs that are impossible to block it as auto combo skill, auto potions, etc ..., it would be good to incorporate some kind of protection on the client side, since without that we will have to continue using anti hacks from other developers

Nobody can block this, if the key simulator is done well there is no antihack that may determine this. If you pay for someone to protect you from macro hacks then congratulations you are scammed.