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#15087 [Season 10 Episode 3] ahead!

Posted by Wizzy on 10 June 2016 - 19:36

Dear Customers and Visitors,


We are happy to inform you that new version of the game is about to be released shortly - Season 10 Episode 3. The version ships range of fantastic features everybody awaits!


Work on it wasn't easy due to selection of deep modifications to the current version required, however - we are close to finish it up! Please find below a raw TODO list presenting slightly our DEV progress (striked stuff is done):

  • Exp System, exp formula upgrade
  • ExpSystem, monster table changes
  • ExpSystem, changes to party exp rates
  • ExpSystem, exp amount depending on given damage
  • Quest System, changes to "Change Class" quest
  • Quest System, changes to "Joumal Quest"
  • Chaos machine, mass combination system
  • Uruk Mountain, Silver Boss area - traps activation
  • GrowLancer character support for existing systems
  • GrowLancer, regular skills
  • GrowLancer, master skill tree
  • GrowLancer, party set experience
  • GrowLancer, Stats Specialization
  • Nars location support to existing systems
  • Nars monster completion for IGC_MonsterList.xml
  • Nars spots completion for IGC_MonsterSpawn.xml
  • New Muun Options
  • Master Skill Tree changes, new skills
  • Changes to Exc System and support of 9 Exc options
  • Adjustment of existing systems for needs of new Exc System
  • Skill Imprint System
  • Blood Angel Sets support
  • Blood Angel of Sealed Mastery Set, sealing/unsealing support
  • Muun System, new options support
  • Tormented Square Battle event
  • Ruud Currency Support
  • Ruud Shop System
  • Mastery Boxes and Item Bags for them
  • Event Map System, requires changes to selection of existing events to be moved to Market Server
  • New event notification system
  • Help Guide Display Support
  • Evomon System according to latest version of Season 10 Episode 3
  • Changes to Elemental System and new Errtel supprt - Scroll of Radiance
  • New Elemental Combination System
  • Disassemble button support (located below pants) 
  • Elemental Powder support
  • Elemental Capsule Support
  • Changes to Pentagram drop locations
  • Changes to Errtels Options
  • Drop Table modification
  • Periodic items changes, now can merge periods of items of same type up to 50 days
  • Add item bags to new Boss Monsters
  • Export and modify Item.bmd
  • Export and modify Gate.bmd
  • Export Season 10 Episode 3 Cash Shop files
  • Export MuunInfo.bmd
  • Export MuunOption_eng.bmd
  • Export BuffEffect_eng.bmd
  • Export MasterSkillTreeData.bmd
  • Export movereq_eng.bmd
  • Export Quest_eng.bmd
  • Export and verify values of skill_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to JewelOfHarmonyOption_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to JewelOfHarmonySmelt_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to ItemAddOption.bmd
  • Review possible changes to ItemSetOption_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to ItemSetType.bmd
  • Review possible changes to PentagramMixNeedSource.bmd -> Structure and data changed
  • Review possible changes to ArcaBattleScript_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to PentagramJewelOptionValue_eng.bmd
  • Review possible changes to PentagramOption_eng.bmd
  • Apply changes and fixes done by us in Season 9


The above list is only small piece of a huge amount of work that has been done over the server files and presents only key features! Stay tuned!

For anybody interested the Season 10 Episode 3 BETA release is now available for our Customers ;)

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#30932 [Release] Season 15 Part 1-3 is here!

Posted by Wizzy on 10 December 2019 - 1:50

Expected by everyone, Season 15 Part 1-3 is out!

Find out bunch of exciting features among which you can find


  • New character, Slayer with full support of class change, skill tree and items
  • Completed Rune Wizard character
  • Renewed 4th Skill Tree for all characters
  • Max level increased to 1200
  • New multi-class Wings of Power
  • New Pet Trainer interface
  • New item upgrade interface
  • New maps and monsters - Kubera Mine, Abyss of Atlans, Scorched Canyon
  • Second level Earring items
  • Monster Soul System
  • Renewed Summoner Skills - Innovation, Berserker, Darkness, Death Scythe, Expllosion, Requiem, Pollution
  • Renewed Summoner Skill Tree
  • Guardian Item System
  • Monsters Elite Zones
  • New Mastery Equipment, Blue Eye and Silverheart


Promotional Video:




Don't think, get your copy now!

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#173 Suggestion: Trade track in log

Posted by Wizzy on 24 March 2014 - 12:28

Entire log system will be changed in some next updates

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#84 New Boards and Improvements at IGCN

Posted by IGC News on 18 March 2014 - 23:10

We are pleased to present a new Baby of IGCN Group.

The long time awaited improvements have been finally introduced. We have a deep hope you will find it appreciated and useful as a part of Service Quality.

The changes will continue for next few weeks due to large amount of tasks we develop to the production environment and which will be also introduced shortly.

Why the changes?

Trough many years of our development we have learned much and realized what is the best way finish with best Service and Product quality.

All the new font as the back-ends features will make our way to developing things faster and better. It will also make a nicer feeling to the end-user who will be visiting or experiencing our boards and make resources served more friendly way with easy search feature trough entire systems.

However, the best way to taste it is to try it, so do not hesitate and go ahead!

If you want to be notified on new entries on this blog simply subscribe to using follow button.

Current Customer?

Many of current Customers could have get used to our current systems. Nothing last forever, it is a time to meet with something new!

Purchases can be managed trough the Purchase section of the Customer Area. You can find there now all of your purchase (ToolKit Licenses are not yet migrated - will be soon).

Prices stay exactly same as for now with the difference that all renewals are grouped automatically. Additionally, make sure to fill out Billing Details before proceeding any payment, they must be real, otherwise will not pass Anti-Fraud system.

How the purchases are working now?

We recognize three types of licenses, which are IGC.Premium (S6E3), IGC.Premium Plus (Ex702 and later), IGC.Double - secondary license, IGC.Triple - third license

The IGC.Double and IGC.Triple are licensed linked to the to the main license and grouped renewal terms with it.

All licenses of current Customers have been migrated to the new system with a stage they presented in our system. If you see any mistake in there do not hesitate to contact ask first by submitting ticket to our general support department

What if I do not want to continue paying sub licenses monthly fee?

Nothing easier than going your Purchases section in Customer area and entering the IGC.Double or IGC.Triple purchase and cancelling it.

They will get excluded from the grouped renewal terms and you will continue paying the active purchases only.

How I can reactivate my cancelled sub licenses?

Procedure is exactly the same as cancelling them, with the difference we click now reactivate button. The only new thing here is reactivation fee which is equal to one monthly fee of sub license.

It is mandatory to have a main license active to have active sub licenses. All licenses may only operate on same expiry dates. If you have extended main license subscription in advance e.g. by 5 months

having sub licenses cancelled meanwhile then for reactivation of sub licenses the system will charge reactivation fee and the period from now - up to expiry date of main license making sub licenses expiry date equal to expiry date on main license.

This procedure applies every time the sub licenses will be cancelled. If you are not sure of how to proceed properly on the operation you want to perform on licenses management do not hesitate to contact us first.

I want to UPGRADE my S6E3 license to Ex702 or Extend Count of Launcher (Premium) licenses

Upgrading purchases is not very easy. Go to purchases section of Customer Area, enter purchase you want to upgrade and proceed by clicking UPGRADE button and follow on-screen instructions.

System will charge difference between price of current and purchase we upgrade to.

I want to downgrade my license

In this aspect nothing changed, downgrades are still not allowed.

What happens when my license expires?


A change has been introduced here too. Now when subscription expires all the benefits given by it are being taken off automatically and revert back upon renewal.


In case subscription expired the Servers itself will be supported for next 7 days after expiration date so do not fall in panic in case you forgot to make a payment in time.

A range of warnings and notification is being sent to the registered email address so please make sure to have it up-to-date.


What else is new?

Basically we changed 95% of our systems, including Downloads manager, Bug Tracker. New things are also Raffles system, Gallery, Blogs and dedicated tutorials system.

You will be notified within next days with blogs entries explaining you more about our new features and of a way of using them. Take your time and get familiar with the new boards.

If you have found any issue with the boards please let us know immediately by submitting support ticket or posting a bug IGC Website section of Issues Tracker.

We really request you to post carefully in the sections relevant to content you post. Let's make it easier for everybody to use it  :)



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#395 Server Files Updates

Posted by drakelv on 05 April 2014 - 14:13

when you click download, you can choose to download full or download patch

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#148 Suggestion: Trade track in log

Posted by jogoso on 23 March 2014 - 17:59



i have a suggestion here,,


you provide us many logs, chat, ítem shop, hack log, many many...  including trade log..   but there is something in trade log, personally i dont like,  only show who is made trade with who and show their ips, bot there is something very important to dont show...  "what is trading" i mean, it must to show us  what ítems they are trading, because with that way we can "track" those ítems with who account have stolen ítems or we can find searching in ítem finder secction from editor with serial ítem, but we need really see what ítems and serial are just in trade logs.





#14631 The future of IGCN

Posted by Wizzy on 28 April 2016 - 18:19

Files got leaked and you cannot do anything against it same as we. We took every effort to fight it for years. The person has been reported to local police already but it will not change the files are in his hands. The good thing in that all situation is that his copy of files has several critical issues as his version is 1,5 month old.


The leak was not intentional and we are not happy about this same as you. However, we will do every effort to keep you unique. In the official statement we made about this matter we clearly explained why you should not use the leaked copy of files - the person will not be able to maintain that project for long, it will overwhelm him. He also won't be able to provide proper fixes and develop the software anymore due to very limited knowledge in this aspect. Additionally, any user of leaked files will automatically become a part of the BOTNET and will be used for DDoS. The person is known from such practices and recently it was proven many times.

Soon you will get first copy of Season 10 what will make you unique definitely. It will not get leaked anymore. We changed our security procedures of work and more.

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#14623 The future of IGCN

Posted by Wizzy on 27 April 2016 - 19:09

Our future is clear, we will continue to operate normally. Season 10 BETA release is about to come really soon. I had to prepare info topic 3-4 days ago but unexpected things happened that required more attention from our side.


Once that will be sorted we will post more information regarding upcoming plans.

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#13094 First look

Posted by Elif on 02 January 2016 - 15:52

Awesome! no need another word.

After I worked with muengine(2012) and evolution team(2015) I can say that all others are just a crap.

Hi to everyone and thanks to igc-team.



Server Files Overview: Awesome!


Client Side Overview: Awesome!


Premium Toolkit Overview;
Cashshop Editor: Awesome !

Shop Editor: Awesome !

Item Bag Editor: Not tested yet.

Monster Set Base Editor: Lagging a lot on remote pc :S Can't event set any monster.


I will add more ideas about others here..

#8784 Season 8 Episode 3 ( stable enough )

Posted by sahminan on 25 March 2015 - 20:32

The season  8 episode 3 is stable enough! ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

files and stablity ✔✔✔✔✔✔

support   ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

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#6435 Thanx IGCN you Make My Dream Reall XD

Posted by finalchance on 13 December 2014 - 12:04

thanx i IGCN   really   Its my dream to install mu IGCN files XD and its done today by wizzy help XD




thanxx wizzy a lot   if i see you i will kiss you mabe XD




i know i made hidick XD


sory for that wizzy

#35541 [Promotion] Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

Posted by IGC News on 26 November 2020 - 0:49

Posted Image


Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 at IGCN!


Get everything* 15% off! Use coupon: 0xBF. Included in offer:


Server licenses

Plugins (require Premium Plus to use or Premium Plus in cart to view)* - Server Packs and plugins
Offer Valid until (including) 30.11.2020.


Click here to view the news
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#32159 MuOnline for IOS or Android

Posted by vhson on 20 April 2020 - 3:47

It is definitely a challenge. But If we can provide a system include both PC and Smartphone, It's very amazing. Imagine:

- User can play MuSS 15 on PC with full feature.

- Then, they can access to MuSS 15 with Smartphone, with limited features. Such as: change spots, check market .... No need all features like: enhance items, chao machine....


We surely become number one on the market. Just positive thinking :))

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#204 Understanding New Purchase Management and Payment Systems

Posted by IGC News on 25 March 2014 - 6:00

Another new thing you could notice is the payment system and a way of managing your purchases.

All of them can be checked in your Purchases panel located in Customer Area.

What type of packages we recognize?

Main Licenses

  • IGC.Premium - IGC Premium group
  • IGC.Premium Plus - IGC Premium Plus group



  • IGC.Double (Secondary license) - available from store after purchasing main license
  • IGC.Triple (Third license) - available in store after making a purchase of IGC.Double


Premium Tools

  • IGC.Launcher (Premium)
  • IGC.Launcher (Premium) - Two Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.Launcher (Premium) - Three Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium)
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium) - Two Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option
  • IGC.ToolKit (Premium) - Three Licenses - available trough Change package (upgrade) option


Main licenses have two type of renewals available



  • Premium
    • 30 days - 25 US$
    • 360 days - 200 US$
  • Premium Plus
    • 30 days - 50 US$
    • 180 days - 252 US$
    • 360 days - 400 US$


The renewal period can be selected upon Upgrading Package or after cancelling it.

How does it work?

In our example we will have Main license (IGC.Premium / IGC.Premium Plus) and two sub-licenses: IGC.Double and IGC.Triple.

Sub-licenses are assigned (grouped) with Main License. This means we mostly operate from our Main license level.

NOTE: It is important to fill out the billing details properly with valid details, otherwise our anti-fraud system may refuse your payment


Renewing Purchase

Renewing your purchase could not be easier. Go to Customer Area -> Purchases and locate purchase you want to renew, usually main license (IGC.Premium or IGC.Premium Plus)

Within all the movies we operate with Account Credits, however normally you should select one of available payment options.

Cancelling and reactivating sub-licenses

Now you have a control of which licenses you want to keep subscribing to. If you no longer wish to subscribe to any of your sub-license simply cancel it - price of renewal terms will be adjusted by the renewal price of cancelled license.

Anytime later you decide to start using it again there is nothing easier than reactivating it. Be aware, that the reactivation will charge the price from moment of reactivating to the date of main license expiry.

This means that if you have your main license renewed in advance until, e.g. 01-07-2014 and you reactivate your sub license on 25-03-2014 the system will charge you for the period of difference between these two days and will reactivate the sub-license to the date of main license.

Every time you cancel sub-license and will want to reactivate it the system will charge a reactivation fee in a price of single renewal term of the sub-license - 25$ and if main license expiry date is later than current will add renewal adjustment as described above. System does not remember previous date the sub-license was paid for so please be careful while cancelling the sub-licenses.

Upgrading your IGC.Premium to IGC.Premium Plus package

Wish to upgrade from Premium to Premium Plus? This also can be now managed from your Purchase Management area. It is possible to UPGRADE while having active package. Go to the purchases and select main license, locate Change package on the right side and hit it.

Renewal terms will be presented to you for selection. Get desired one and continue. System will automatically charge upgrade price what is a difference between IGC.Premium and IGC.Premium Plus cost, will update renewal terms too.

Be aware that downgrades are not possible once upgraded.

If you select 360 days renewal term then renewal terms of sub-licenses (if any) will be calculated automatically on that basis too. This means if we selected 360 days term for main license and sub-license 30 days renewal term is 25$ then system will calculate it automatically as follows: (360 / 30) * 25 = sub-license 360 days renewal (per sub-license)

It is also worth to mention that cancelling parent package will cancel all assigned and active sub-licenses. Reactivating main-license while it is still active is free of any charge.

IMPORTANT: All payments are put on hold in moment of processing for manual approval. We temporary moderate this system so please accept up to 24 hours for payment approval (usually few minutes to few hours).

The system does not have its reflection on files licenses itself. So if you wish to update your license details simply submit a ticket to valid department or if have any other inquiry regarding your licenses simply pass a ticket to general support department.

Need more Launcher (Premium) Licenses?

Once have processed or owning single Launcher license go to Customer Area -> Purchases and locate your Launcher purchase and enter it. Same as for upgrading files license a Change Package button will appear.

Once selected you can select of of two available extension packages - for Two and Three licenses. System will automatically charge difference in prices. Additional IGC.Launcher (Premium) license is 75$.

Hope that makes things clear for you  :)



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#17622 Appreciate 96/100 marked

Posted by Elif on 06 October 2016 - 15:56

I am appreciate with igc team's work. They always work serious and their service is too much for many dreamers in this sector. Mu online private gaming servers is a big and serious sector now. One more time I want to say "thank you" to everyone who is working in that great team.


I want to give some points by 10 for each tag here;

Service Quality (10/10)

Product Quality (9/10) - Why s8ep3 still in packages? / free patcher IIS problem fixed? / free patcher provided with resolution editor for new customers?

Resources (10/10)

Support Quality (9/10) - Some issues can take longer than we expected. e.g. s6ep3 dc issue for durability / e.g. illusion temple statue respawn bug

Customer Area (10/10)


p.s. I am a teacher in technical industrial schools. You guys passed your class. Gratz! :)

#14115 Special thanks for updates on

Posted by Elif on 08 March 2016 - 22:42

I want to say thanks to IGC team for adding my requested issue about to seperate master and normal exp on master ranges in events.


In the changelog it looks great update! I'm impatient to update on weekend and test carefully. 


good night and thanks again :)


Edit: Title had to be 

Special thanks for updates on

#13463 51 days stable

Posted by sahminan on 21 January 2016 - 20:08

For 51 days wit out restarting.. file server is very stable.....

total of 180 gamers

40% or less is using offlevel

a really amazing file worth to buy....

waiting for s10 update :)



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#11365 [Promotion] Season 9 Episode 2 pre-order with 15% discount!

Posted by IGC News on 10 August 2015 - 14:12

Did you know that IGC-Network Services is close to release stable version of Season 9 Episode 2?


Range of new features is about to come such as

  • Battle Core
  • Enhanced PK System
  • Extended Muun System
  • Uruk Mountain
  • Full HD resolutions support
  • Gremory Case
  • Tormented Square Event
  • Specialized Stats and Skill System
  • Buy Back System
  • and much more!
You can pre-order it now to make sure you get it at cheapest price possible! Make a purchase of IGC.Premium Plus today and get it with 15% discount with the coupon code: S9PREORDER


Promotion last until: 15.09.2015


* - By purchasing the Season 9 Episode 2 on pre-order you receive IGC.Premium Plus with its current state of Season 8 Episode 3. The subscription along with premium status benefits will be applied from purchase time what have its result in all responsibilities in relation to subscription maintenance and renewal payments.


Click here to view the news
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#26577 [Promotion] Pre-Sale! Get ready for Season 13 Part 2-2 - 15% off

Posted by IGC News on 07 September 2018 - 14:14

Season 13 Part 2-2 along with its fantastic features and range of improvements is close ahead.


You can now get it 15% off the regular price and enjoy Part 1-2 then get free upgrade of 2-2 once it is officially released. Get it in our store.


Check currently available features. Feel free to contact us for any questions.


Coupon code: S13P2_START
Offer valid until: 22.09.2018

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#14636 The future of IGCN

Posted by Wizzy on 29 April 2016 - 0:15

I am wondering why you are wondering of our decision. The stuff that has been stolen MUST BE released for free, there is no other way to stop The Scum to get profit from our 5 years work. By the release we will make the files not profitable for him and will protect entire community from topping up his BOTNET which later is being used against your servers. Therefore you must understand this is not easy decision but best we can take. It will be only released once we will release Season 10 as mentioned before.




Releasing the files publicly will only raise the competition's level and not raise gains. Instead of worrying on how to harm that rat, focus on how to make your company different than others, and most important than all focus on how to make your CUSTOMERS different than others.


It will not raise the amount of serious servers really. For nwo you have plenty of free files and most people is not even able to use them. If somebody would like to make serious server would already be our Customer and use our files. Serious people do not go for free / unsupported stuff.



Please treat it as our final statement regarding the case. All we wanted has been said.

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