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/Reset command update

Posted by kubaaa on 29 April 2020 - 04:26

Can you add some more features to the reset command? At the moment it doesn't quite match up to the capabilities of WWW reset, I think this prevents it from deployment on many servers.


My wishlist:

1. Configuration to add reset reward in coin type : WCoin, Goblin Point and Ruud

2. Possibility to lower reset requirements

3. Possibility to create different configuration for 1. and 2. based on VIP level. 

I agree! Doing a Grand Reset on website is an alternative but it's ruining the free points to give rewards using website is a fail. 

also for resetitem.xml if  can  be added more specific  item configuration,  like adding  item lvl or durabillity for amount of jewels :
<Item Cat="14" Index="22" durabilitty="5" ReqReset="55" />

this doing, require 5 creation to pass the  reset.

would be great if can add this feature.

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Jun 28 2020 05:03

You can do this and more supporting this feature request:



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