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Award winning party system.

Posted by MrJunior on 12 September 2019 - 03:07

The idea of ​​the system is to allow us to determine how prizes would be distributed to players at party events.
A new tag such as: AwardPartySystem = "0" or something similar could be implemented in the EventItemBags system itself.

0 = System disabled

1 = Ruud and / or Coin Prizes total value divided by number of players in the party. [Example: 5 players in the party: EventItemBag allows the prize up to 5000 ruud, the value would be split between players and credited to each of them: 1,000 ruuds.

Currently players set up parties only for UP because there is no other advantage than UP.
When players killer bosses in party and the same awards the prize in Ruud only the lasthit player is awarded.

It would also be interesting for IGCN staff to make the current EventItem Bag Ruud winning system 100% effective with falls.


If determined in EventItemBag the chance of the prize being Ruud when that chance is reached it also discards a drop would give the server drop system better appeal.
Currently not that is bad is not something 100%.
Most events should awarded ruud + drop and this cannot happen because the system can only reward one or the other.


It would be very interesting for the IGCN team to pay attention to this.
I ask that you analyze the idea calmly is very important for our servers.

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