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[Server & Tools] Window Console and Server Remote Managementt

Posted by Wizzy on 06 November 2015 - 02:57

The huge remake is planned in nearest future (exact ETA is unknown at present) - estimated time is 3 months+



Current GameServer GUI Interface will be removed and replaced to simple console window only.

The server will be equipped with remote control system which will be the only way to manage things like options reloads, server closure, notifications and more.


The change will bring a lot of possibilities as there will be direct access to game server data flow what extends hugely amount of things that can be controlled from outside the game.

It may be helpful for building statistics for server administrator, direct changes to individual characters data and much more..



Tool used for remote management will be IGC.Essential Tools which we will extend properly to match needs of the remote control system.

To assure high security of information the connection between server and remote control tool will occur on dedicated port and will be encrypted on ever step the data is processed among the applications.



More info update to come as the work progress goes..

changed status to: Future

waiting for it !

Will GameServer expose some API to be able to communicate with it directly from third party applications? From website for instance?

waiting for it !

I am so much looking forward for this functionality. Remote management, especially through website API would be incredibly useful.

This feature comes from 2015? damn XD

This feature comes from 2015? damn XD

I believe that with so many seasons updates, the IGCN team didn't or won't even do that.
I see many reports that are open or subscribed or even pending for years are probably fallen into oblivion.

Talisman of Wings is an old feature and has also been signed for a long time, among other things.

I believe that for the simple reason that they work with other features and not just gameserver this has impacted on these "abandoned" features

I hope you understand my criticism is not something to reach the IGCN team is just my point of view.

Recently I have noticed a certain absence from the team at large, many reports still open, many unanswered support topics would be nice for the team to integrate someone into the general forum support too, someone who understands the files well and can provide a service cool for active customers, leaving them free to work on major upgrades and new features.


To emphasize: This is a constructive criticism.

This feature comes from 2015? damn XD

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