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File Information

  • Submitted: Dec 09 2019 11:40
  • Last Updated: Jul 08 2020 12:25
  • File Size: 1GB
  • Views: 13970
  • Downloads: 17,481
  • Approved by: Wizzy
  • Approved on: 10 December 2019 - 01:31
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  • Game Client: Download

Previous Versions

  • 23 Jun 2020 Download Server Suite (x15 P1-3)
  • 15 Jun 2020 Download Server Suite (x15 P1-3)

Buy Now Server Suite (x15 P1-3)

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server files s15


This is x15 series of Server Suite package (S15 part 1-3).


This submission contains Full Server Suite Package of latest stable version for the series and five of most recent updates which have to be downloaded on regular basis as are being overwritten automatically with new update releases.

  • Summary of reported and resolved issues is provided within below change-log and per specified version in the Bug Tracker
  • If you want to be notified of further updates on this submission make sure to follow it by clicking follow button at the top-right.
CONFIG CHANGES: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/



Interested in participating in DEV and help testing BETA releases?
Every TEST version of files before getting released officially is managed and tested trough dedicated area of the boards. You can check if any is available at present here

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • []
  • [+] Modified Shield Gage options to be configurable per class in CalcCharacter.ini
  • [+] Extended MasteryItemMix system by UpgradeOptMaxCnt that applies to Earrings upgrade mix only
  • [+] Added lang bits to file, English.xml -> 774-776
  • [+] Added option to file, NixiesBossZone.xml -> MaxBossZoneEnterTime
  • [+] Added options to file, PetSettings.ini -> DarkTransformRingDurRepairValue, FenrirsStaticRepairValue, FenrirsRandomRepairValue
  • [!] Blocked ability to abuse Nix and Ferea boss zones with marry teleport and party summon
  • [!] Fixed Ice Wing Castle event and Channel Change conflict
  • [!] Fixed Data Server vulnerability
  • Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/70c912dc1092ef48bccb1fefb75d654c72932cf2
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Added/modified lang 774 (Englih.xml), now it has %d
  • [+] Modified file content, MasteryItemMix.xml
  • [+] Extended MasteryItemMix.xml system to support random results
  • [!] Fixed inability to split (divide) selected talismans
  • [!] Fixed Chat Server crash
  • [!] Fixed Game Server crash
  • Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/05e2e2e9ddb0403c047b93d247e03f4e56e99b68
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Changed default Overlap value for items 14,53 and 14,189
  • [+] Added Monster Soul Reset time config
  • {+] Added option to file, Common.ini -> PartyMaxLevelGap
  • {+] Changed and extended behavior of Skill, Luck, Option attributes in LuckyItemInfo_First.xml, LuckyItemInfo_Second.xml
  • [+] Added option to file, MapAttribute.xml -> EnableZenDrop
  • [!] Fixed Magic Stones mix issues
  • [+] Moved NoticeSystem.xml file from \Data\Customs\ to \Data\Plugins\
  • [+] Added option to file, \Data\Plugins\NoticeSystem.xml ->
  • [!] Blocked ability to enter to CC and CCS events with Dark and Ghost horses
  • [!] Fixed DC issues while using DLL CRC check
  • [!] Fixed Pet Trainer mixes issues
  • [!] Fixed ability to abuse party move by outlaws
  • [+] Changed option name in CalcCharacter.ini from ShieldAutoRefillOnSafeZone to ShieldAutoRefillOnSafeZoneOnly
  • [!] Fixed character name display in game client title bar
  • [+] Hidden resets display in game client title bar if resets are 0
  • [+] Extended Offline Levelling system by MinLevel and MaxLevel attributes for item pick up section
  • [!] Improvements to GS Anti-Flood system
  • [!] Fixed reported Game Server crashes
  • Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/28ceed52744d8dad5c3a81f41bd7f3e40ce9c638
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Fixed GameServer freeze issue
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Fixed use skill abuse between registered and not registered players for Ice Wind Castle event
  • [!] Fixed enormous monster HP which may corrupt data in connection with PunishMaxDamage
  • [!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Fixed false-positive walk speed anti hack detection while riding selected pets
  • [!] Fixed Extended Notices notices colorizing does not work properly in certain scenarios
  • [!] Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes invalid number of ingredients
  • [!] Fixed ability to use warp to dead married character
  • [!] Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills
  • [!] Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without required level
  • [!] Fixed data type for hunting record system map number to resolve display of negative map value
  • [!] Fixed Extended Notices the invincible buff issues does not work against debuff skills
  • [!] Blocked ability of use the party move system to abuse Ice Valley Castle event
  • [!] Fixed Extended Notices the notices keep spamming the messages area in specific scenario
  • [!] Fixed Ice Valley Castle HideUnregisteredPlayer option does not work properly
  • [!] Fixed ConnectMember.xml does not work properly when character is created with mixed spelling case
  • [+] Added option to limit max punish damage
  • [!] Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills
  • [!] Fixed Blood Castle monsters attributes
  • [!] Fixed Game Server crash
  • Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commits/master
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Ice Valley Castle event issues
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [!] Fixed sale price divisor not working
  • [!] Fixed inability to manually stack the Jewel of Black Soul
  • [!] Fixed Flames buff not applying within all sub-servers for Ice Valley Castle plugin
  • [!] Fixed not working Luck and Option attributes in MonsterSoulReward.xml
  • [!] Fixed Monster Soul Converter weekly purchases reset not working properly
  • [!] Fixed Monster Soul Converter can be exchanged for reward after completing one soul type only
  • [!] Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills
  • [+] Added built-in anti-flood protection to Game Server
  • [!] Fixed notices not working for Muun/Event inventory for Extended Notices plugin
  • [+] Changed Connectmember.xml to read values case insensitive way
  • [!] Fixed Server applications vulnerability
  • [!] Fixed Game Server crash
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [+] Included database update scripts to be executed over actual databases
  • [!] Fixed Server applications vulnerability
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • []
  • [+] Added files for 3 new optional plugins, Extended Notices, Static Item Options and Ice Valley Castle event
  • [!] Fixed configuration of ExcellentOptions.xml
  • [!] Fixed Increase Attack Power of Lethal's Ring does not apply
  • [!] Blocked ability to overuse Guide quest system for relocating by PK
  • [!] Fixed improper management of stacked jewels deletion for Miracle Shop
  • [!] Fixed Ghost Horse does not get exp while equipped together with Dark Horse
  • [!] Fixed invalid Barrage Count for Death Scythe skill
  • [!] Fixed error of Invalid MonsterType while Devil Square event is running
  • [!] Fixed invalid pentagram sockets when rewardrd from Monster Soul System
  • [+] Modified GrowLancerHarshStrike_Level2 function in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
  • [+] Extended SummonerBerserker lua functions by third return value, SkillTime in RegularSkillCalc.lua
  • [+] Extended SummonerBerserker_Level1, SummonerBerserker_Level2 lua functions by third return value, SkillTime in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
  • [!] Fixed durability based "required" items are not being properly deleted for Marry system
  • [!] Fixed not working "Enable" config attribute of LMS event
  • [!] Fixed walking issue of LMS NPC
  • [!] Fixed Zen bug connected with particular use of resets system
  • [!] Adjusted Triple Shot skill anti-speed hack attack delay
  • [!] Fixed possible SQLSTATE error in Data Server
  • [!] Fixed GameSever crash
  • Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x15/commit/48ed58b7d595709744811003e3b8bdf09db2fe0f

Download update, replace the launchers and re-raise the server without problems, but at the time of entering the game we disconnected from the server at the time of logging in, and had to return to the previous launchers to reverse the problem

hace tanto que no uso IGCN que ya olvide los requerimientos del servidor! alguien puede ayudarme?

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