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Developer (Author)

File Information

  • Submitted: Nov 13 2012 05:46
  • Last Updated: Jan 16 2020 08:56
  • File Size: 64.29MB
  • Views: 28362
  • Downloads: 835
  • Need help? Visit: Support Forums

Previous Versions

  • 09 Jan 2020 Download IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 81 (Rev. 9)
  • 07 Jan 2020 Download IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 81 (Rev. 8)
  • 16 Dec 2019 Download IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 81 (Rev. 8)

Buy Now IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 82 (Rev. 1)

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tools launcher


IGC.Launcher (Premium) is complete and complex solution assures that players will always be kept updated with latest version of Game Files thanks to automatic update module.


However, that's not all, the incredibly handy application is provided together with dedicated Designing System which allows to create Launcher appearance of your own.




  • Launcher Self Update System
  • Client Auto Update System - Patch based (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • File Replacement Prevention System - block players from modifying Game Client files + closes client if any modification detected (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • Launcher Custom Design System - supports PNG shadows / semi transparent areas - See more
  • Server Time (12h / 24h)
  • Game Server / Connect Server Status
  • Lock main.exe to be opened trough launcher only
  • Kill existing main.exe process if already active
  • HD Resolution configuration for HD Resolution system (Season 6 / Season 12 or later)
  • Launcher Multi-Lang - supports ability to translate all launcher text outputs
  • Add multiple Client Languages to Launcher - additionally to English (Data\Local\Eng\), Spanish (Data\Local\Spn) and Portuguese (Data\Local\Por) - GMO Client only
  • Account Registration / Password Change with Launcher - Register accounts from launcher, no need of web register
  • Game Minimize / Restore / Hide to Tray
  • Launcher minimize to tray
  • Use with multiple Servers on multiple locations / IPs with 1 Launcher and 1 Client (all IPs must have active launcher license) - player chose server to play from Settings
  • Unlimited Game Servers Status
  • AutoLogin System (depends on igc.dll compatibility) - as of this moment, due to client issues, may be disabled in igc.dll




* Screenshots are based on sample design, of course it can be done with any skin of your own choice properly prepared for application needs. More Info can be found in Documentation

What's New in Version Update 82 (Rev. 1) (See full changelog)

  • ***************** AutoLogin depends on IGC.DLL, and may not work if dropped support by IGC *****************
  • [Update 82]
  • /**
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Premium ::::
  • Rev.1: [v1.10.0.8]
  • -> [MOD] better compatability with LauncherServer reconnetion when using Anti-DoS protection
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Server ::::
  • Rev.1: [v1.3.0.0]
  • -> [MOD] ConnectServer State Check: launcher server will establish connection to ConnectServer once and monitor it's state instead of continuesly reconnection every few seconds
  • -> [NEW] Anti-DoS: option to automatically ban suspects in Windows Firewall
  • -> [NEW] Logging: option to disable wrting Trash log file and/or higher level logs (error/logs); check config.ini settings
  • -> [FIX] Anti-DoS: fixed some broken config.ini options
  • -> [FIX] Anti-DoS: fixed various vulnerabilities such as connection spoofing etc
  • -> [MOD] Anti-DoS: HardwareID will not be automatically banned, only IP
  • -> [MOD] Anti-DoS: 'HardwareIDBlackList.dat' will only be used by you to set specific ban per HardwareID (you can search player HardwareID in logs)
  • -> [MOD] config.ini: Anti-DoS related settings (read description carefully)
  • **/
  • [Update 81]
  • /**
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Premium ::::
  • Rev.9: [v1.10.0.7]
  • -> [FIX] in some cases, https sites cannot be displayed because of ceriticate error
  • Rev.8: [v1.10.0.6]
  • -> [FIX] windows DPI fixes
  • -> [FIX] ServerList for autologin does how show when launcher first open
  • Rev.7: [v1.10.0.5]
  • -> [FIX] launcher does not function properly after the local network connection has been lost, and reconnected to server
  • Rev.5: [v1.10.0.4]
  • -> [FIX] unable to scroll ServerList with mouse clicks
  • -> [FIX] launcher does not read correctly passwords that start with "0"
  • -> [MOD] minor iocp changes
  • Rev.4: [v1.10.0.3]
  • -> [FIX] hook system not working since v1.10
  • Rev.3: [v1.10.0.2]
  • -> [FIX] unable to start launcher if 'Data\Launcher\Temp' folder does not exist
  • Rev.1: [v1.10.0.1]
  • -> [FIX] half a second freeze when closing
  • -> [FIX] window does not come to font of other windows when opening/restoring
  • [v1.10.0.0]
  • -> [NEW] IGC AutoLogin support (S13 Ep2 and newer)
  • -> [NEW] Launcher's Taskbar icon will visually display the update progress into its icon (supported on windows 7 and newer, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/media/wpfshell-taskbariteminfo.png)
  • -> [NEW] You can hover over Launcher's Taskbar icon and press the "play" button to start game without clicking GameStart button in launcher (supported on windows 7 and newer, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/media/wpfshell-taskbariteminfo.png)
  • -> [MOD] Log system has been improved and should provide more information in case of crash (submit to us 'Data\Launcher\Log.txt' file in such case)
  • -> [MOD] improved IOCP communication with LauncherServer
  • -> [MOD] overall performance improvements
  • -> [FIX] different fixes
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Server ::::
  • Rev.6: [v1.2.1.2]
  • -> [FIX] connected Launcher instances gets disconnected after few seconds
  • Rev.2: [v1.2.1.1]
  • -> [FIX] unable to connect with previous launcher.exe versions (< even if Handshake key is not used
  • [v1.2.1.0]
  • -> [MOD] .NET Framework: LauncherServer now requires a minimum of .NET Framework v4.6.2
  • -> [NEW] Support for specifying custom key that will allow only specific launcher being able to connect to your server (Handshake value must be identical in LauncherServer config.ini and Launcher 'Settings' file)
  • -> [NEW] ServerList query support from Launcher, for purpose of AutoLogin system
  • -> [MOD] config.ini: optional Handshake value specification
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.ManagementTools ::::
  • [v1.4.2.0]
  • -> [MOD] .NET Framework: ManagementTools now requires a minimum of .NET Framework v4.6.2
  • -> [MOD] Settings editor: minor UI changes for inconvenience
  • -> [NEW] Settings editor: LauncherServer optional Handshake key configuration
  • -> [NEW] Designer tool: ServerList control for purpose of AutoLogin in Main window editor
  • -> [NEW] Designer tool: Account Password control for purpose of AutoLogin in Settings window editor
  • :::: Design Files ::::
  • -> [MOD] S12 design Template file AutoLogin related changes
  • :::: Other Files ::::
  • -> [MOD] Images and PSDs of S12 template design AutoLogin related changes
  • **/


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots


missing configuration guide


that is IGC.Launcher.Server?

missing configuration guide


that is IGC.Launcher.Server?

open Documentation available in Launcher Package. everything is written there

Dec 17 2014 02:21


    • Bigman and acer like this

any changes done server side in the v80? or only managment and launcher itself.

Thanks for this update Big.

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Nice!!! Great job!
    • Bigman likes this

Excelent Bigman!

Best Regards,


    • Bigman likes this

Highly recommended. Have done almost 50 auto-updates without any issue including several launcher self-update. (Both Season 14 and Season 6)

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