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  • Submitted: Nov 13 2012 05:46 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 23 2018 07:01 PM
  • File Size: 66.29MB
  • Views: 21417
  • Downloads: 1392
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Buy Now IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 80 v10

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tools launcher


IGC.Launcher (Premium) is complete and complex solution assures that players will always be kept updated with latest version of Game Files thanks to automatic update module.


However, that's not all, the incredibly handy application is provided together with dedicated Designing System which allows to create Launcher appearance of your own.




  • Launcher Self Update System
  • Client Auto Update System - Patch based (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • File Replacement Prevention System - block players from modifying Game Client files + closes client if any modification detected (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • Launcher Custom Design System - supports PNG shadows / semi transparent areas - See more
  • Server Time (12h / 24h)
  • Game Server / Connect Server Status
  • Lock main.exe to be opened trough launcher only
  • Kill existing main.exe process if already active
  • HD Resolution configuration for HD Resolution system (Season 6 / Season 12 or later)
  • Launcher Multi-Lang - supports ability to translate all launcher text outputs
  • Add multiple Client Languages to Launcher - additionally to English (Data\Local\Eng\), Spanish (Data\Local\Spn) and Portuguese (Data\Local\Por) - GMO Client only
  • Account Registration / Password Change with Launcher - Register accounts from launcher, no need of web register
  • Game Minimize / Restore / Hide to Tray
  • Launcher minimize to tray
  • Use with multiple Servers on multiple locations / IPs with 1 Launcher and 1 Client (all IPs must have active launcher license) - player chose server to play from Settings
  • Unlimited Game Servers Status




* Screenshots are based on sample design, of course it can be done with any skin of your own choice properly prepared for application needs. More Info can be found in Documentation

What's New in Version Update 80 v10 (See full changelog)

  • [Update 80]
  • /**
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Premium ::::
  • v9 [v1.9.1.5]
  • -> [FIX] launcher may crash if using SSL web for launcher files on older windows versions (where .net 4.5 cannot be installed)
  • v8 [v1.9.1.4]
  • -> [FIX] launcher may throw errors related to SSL connection when using https/ftps Patches/Hashcheck addresses
  • v6 [v1.9.1.3]
  • -> [FIX] possibly fixed issue with some AntiViruses reporting launcher as virus after launcher self-update (requires new file 'Data\Launcher\updater.exe')
  • -> [FIX] possibly fixed issue with GameStart button disabled (Grey, unclickable) at startup in some OSes
  • v5 [v1.9.1.1]
  • -> [FIX] Resolutions for S12 (KOR) version
  • v0 [v1.9.1.0]
  • -> [NEW] configurable string "ConnectServer" and "CheckingForClientModifications" in Management tools custom language
  • -> [FIX] client reconnect does not work if using "minimize" option for launcher in Settings after press "GameStart"
  • -> [MOD] Main Window: if using client season 12 and newer in Settings file, removed WindowMode checkbox (now in Settings window), ConnetServer status label (now integrated in GameServers status animation), News browser.
  • -> [MOD] Settings Window: if using client season 12 and newer in Settings file; removed Sound, Music, Color Depth, Client Language selections
  • -> [NEW] GameServers status label "Scrolling" animation option (configurable in Design tool)
  • -> [FIX] possible crashes in Hash files download
  • -> [FIX] possible incorrect Hash files progress count
  • -> [FIX] possible incorrect GameServer status shown if using duplicated GS names
  • -> [FIX] Registration Window: Verification code location not read from custom design
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.Server ::::
  • v10 [v1.2.0.12]
  • -> [FIX] rare crash on open
  • -> [MOD] extended crash log info
  • v8 [v1.2.0.11]
  • -> [MOD->FILE] 'config.ini': added option to disable writing log to file
  • -> [FIX] Launcher AntiDos identifing packets from verified launcher as false positive
  • v4 [v1.2.0.10]
  • -> [MOD] More information will be shown if failed to authenticate the software
  • -> [FIX] possible bug with launcher license blocking launcher from starting
  • v3 [v1.2.0.9]
  • -> [FIX] Unable to connect to secondary authentication server (which results in "no license found" popup)
  • v2 [v1.2.0.8]
  • -> [MOD] added more log information once connection is closing with launcher/client
  • -> [FIX] possible crash
  • -> [FIX] hwid not being added to ban list in case of suspecious activity (launcher server only - not proxy)
  • -> [FIX] incoming connection IP isnt being blocked if is on Blacklist
  • -> [FIX] launcher server freeze
  • :::: IGC.Launcher.ManagementTools ::::
  • v7 [v1.4.1.4]
  • -> [FIX] Design Tool: crash on open file
  • v6 [v1.4.1.3]
  • -> [FIX] Design Tool: issue with selecting Panel season type (now can be changed from Menu->Options->Design Type)
  • v6 [v1.4.1.2]
  • -> [MOD] More information will be shown if failed to authenticate the software
  • v3 [v1.4.1.1]
  • -> [FIX] Unable to connect to secondary authentication server (which results in "no license found" popup)
  • v0 [v1.4.1.0]
  • -> [MOD] Hash system tool: improved loading/saving speed, added progress indicator
  • -> [NEW] Design Tool: added Season 12 mode
  • -> [NEW] Design Tool: added support for text scrolling animation on Status check label
  • -> [NEW] Design Tool: added option to remove all images from selected control (right click in Property window)
  • -> [MOD] Design Tool: moved WindowMode checkbox to Settings window on Season 12 design and newer
  • -> [MOD] Settings generator: Season 12 mode support, removed News browser panel if using Season 12 and newer
  • -> [NEW] Custom Language tool: "ConnectServer" and "CheckingForClientModifications" strings
  • :::: Design Files ::::
  • -> [NEW] S12 design Template file (based on KOR s12 launcher)
  • :::: Other Files ::::
  • -> [NEW] S12 news section for launcher website files (based on KOR s12 launcher)
  • -> [NEW] Images and PSDs of S12 template design
  • **/


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots


missing configuration guide


that is IGC.Launcher.Server?

missing configuration guide


that is IGC.Launcher.Server?

open Documentation available in Launcher Package. everything is written there


any changes done server side in the v80? or only managment and launcher itself.

Oct 30 2017 04:55 PM


How does the launcher update itself on the client have some tutorial to make launcher.exe be replaced?



Como faz o update do launcher em si no cliente tem algum tutorial para fazer o launcher.exe ser subistituido ?

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