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The most annoying problems.

Posted by supron , 07 September 2014 · 3,373 views

The most annoying problems. Hi again! Today I will talk about the most annoying problems in WZ's mu client.
A few days ago I showed you our new attack/move system. Now its time for skills design. In mu online too many skills are targeted. Just press the key and watch your opponent dying.

In our client you have to aim properly to hit enemy. Every object (player, monster, skill) has physical hit-box. Server sided engine calculates collisions between objects and deal damage only when collision is detected.
Another thing is cool-downs system. Every skill has proper cool-down which can be reduced by special items or master skill tree. It prevents skill spamming and makes game more about thinking instead of luck. Is also applies to the potions. Good bye Q spamming! We still thinking about more skill related sustain sources (heal, life steal).

Feel free to post your suggestions in comments. I'll answer any questions/suggestions in next entry. I should post some screens and maybe video.

some like moba castle siege why not XD no potions :D 

Aug 31 2015 08:52

dead project?

Still developed, with such power we have no time to update info :D

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You could at least post some more print or 30 seconds of video for you feed our hopes ^^.

We have surprises coming soon regarding this project.

Clarification: this project is completely separated from MU server offer, and will not be sold - kept as private project.

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