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New floating point move system and real time mechanics.

Posted by supron , 03 September 2014 · 2,890 views

New floating point move system and real time mechanics. One of the most important thing in PvP fights is player mechanics. If your reaction time is good enough to dodge skills and surprise your enemy, you will probably win every fight. But what if server doesn't recognize you real position? What if you moves are fake and server only "teleports" you form X to Y? That's how mu online works. Every move in game is just visual effect. How may times did you try to hit monster with aqua beam but it didn't deal dmg? This picture shows why it happened:
Posted Image

To fix that issue we have faced two problems. Mu server uses timers to calculate every game action. Usually its one second timer. It's like ping 1000ms. Our server has implemented one real time loop per map. It calculates move speed, skills collision and attack requests from game client.
Another problem was integer position. In mu online you can stay only on center of a square. Our client uses floating point position and optimized path finding. You can stay anywhere you want and choose unlimited paths to reach your destination.

With our solutions PvP fights depend only on your skill. There is no place for luck or server bugs.

Amazing !

When it will be offered for IGCN clients?

Can I download the Beta version for testing?

Sep 21 2014 02:17

I would like to be a tester.

Once we will be ready for BETA tests we will announce it. Thank you for getting interested in the project

Bring it on!!

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